Sunday, October 3, 2010

tag from cik yana

ermmm arini ujg mgu,.i xde wtpe nk wt,.amat borim.
after b'sedih an,..layan jiwa jek la kt bilik smbil paksa diri bgun awl
cuz smlm 1ari i xwt pape, seb mlm bgun gk wt keje,.
tbe2 i tringt y 1 tag x wt ag, from cik yana,..sori cik yana lmbt sket setelkn utang tag ni;p 
hehehe...i try wt yer...


1. name one person who made you laugh last night??
:) ermmm i dunno,.cuz last night i'm juz crying, nk mati an punye sedih
chaon make me laugh last night,gimme words 2 b strong;p ,.

2. what were you doing one hour ago?
:D wake up from sleep, take a shower and surf the internet

3. what was the last thing you said out loud?
:( mamat;
i hate you so much!!!!!

4. where's the next place you are going to?
:) ermmm ulats da lapau,.nyum nyum

5. what was the last thing you paid for?
:) i paid for yogurt, my fren homemade.kos bioprocess technology.

6. where were you last night??
:) room,.on da bed,.layan perasaan;p

7. what is the best ice -cream flavour?
:D vanilla! laparnye..

8. do you wanna cut your hair??
:) i dont think jek wt rmbut, wait 4 any other style 1st;p hee

9. do you love 'melatah'?
:D sometimes,.hahahaha...

10. if that so [melatah], what will you said out loud?
:) astaghfirullahalazim..ALLAH hu akbar,..wee..alhmdulillah,..dlu i mlatah ckp y bkn2,.

11. what the last text message you recieved?
:( dis morning,.my kazen texts me [shaharimin/emi] ask me;
lam fb single,y?r u ok??
of cos not maa..huhuhu

12. will you get married in the future?
:) i wish..but dunno when n with who,.frustrated!

13. do you chew on your straw?
:D sometimes,..haha...thanx God not chew the pencil;p

14. do you make up your own words??
:)  arr?? nope

15. is there anyone you like/love right now??
:) of cos my bf but he makes me trouble..

16. tag another 5 bloggers or more...
ermm i pilih random, pd blogger y br dtg blog i,.cuz i pn br ag ng blogging ni,.


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